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The look of shock on Athenas face when Marie reveals the strap on is absolutely priceless.If you miss it the first time, you can catch it again the next day when Marie and Natasha decide to team up and present Athena with not just one strap on, but two! The ladies proceed to fill and drill every hole they can, doing their best to mint a brand new official lesbian. Summertime And The Livin Is Sleazy Busty blonde office clerk Nicole Aniston will do anything to wait out this heatwave in her boss’ air-conditioned office, even if it means whipping out her big fake tits right in front of him!He waits eagerly for his guest to arrive as he plays with his phone.When the doorbell rings, he opens the door to find Carmen Caliente looking sexy as fuck.Athena might not be a lesbian but she sure loves getting her pussy eaten by one.Inspired by Natashas success, Marie decides to show her stepdaughter how a strap on works.She's so excited to see him, she wore the tightest shorts she could wrap around her delicious booty.He invites her in and asks her to walk in front of him so he can check out what she's working with.

When Jane manages to get the dress off, Kristen is exhausted and doesn't care anymore.

He can't get his clothes off quickly enough as she turns on the warm water and starts lathering her luscious body.

He jumps in and wastes no time grabbing her ass as she giggles it in front of him.

When Kristen tells her she isn't given it back, Jane has had enough of her lies and decides if she's not going to hand it over, she's going to have to take it from her.

Jane grabs the dress attempting desperately to take it off of Kristen body but Kristen isn't going down without a fight.

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