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If you’ve installed command line tools separately, they should not be impacted by deleting xcode itself.

Update: Our readers pointed out that Xcode 4.3 simplifies this process considerably by bundling Xcode into a single application.

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If you don’t use Xcode or it’s accompanying utilities it’s a good idea to uninstall the suite. The simplest reason is because Xcode takes up a lot of disk space, generally a minimum of 7GB of disk space is consumed by the installation, and the installer application alone is another 1.8GB, that’s a lot of storage capacity taken up by something that is potentially getting no use.

Therefore, this guide is most relevant to older versions.

XCode 4.3 and later versions should be able to uninstall like any other Mac app, whereas older versions of XCode require the manual process outlined below.

Submodules link to a specific commit of that project, while a Cocoa Pod is tied to a versioned developer release.

Before you decide to make the full switch to Cocoa Pods, make sure that the libraries you are currently using are all available.

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