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A dozen people would have contributed this change by now if they had and all Microsoft would have to do is look at the submitted code, approve, and check it in.

I am currently scratching my head as to why the visibility of certain canvases are not being updated by the binding I have in place. I have the following class that implements INotify Property Changed.

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I have to wonder why the developers didn’t do this originally with the Boolean To Visibility Converter object. This is a perfect example of where Microsoft would benefit from Open Sourcing some of their code.

Add the View Model class Right click your project folder and select Add Class.

For reasons of simplicity this simply returns a value of true for now, but in your own implementations, feel free to make the getters and setters do what you like.

All controls that use a single converterparameter work, but this one does not.

I'm having trouble with the binding to a visibility of a grid.

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