World of warcraft dating website

At least, that's the approach taken by two provocateurs who launched this week, with profiles – names, locations and photos – scraped from publicly accessible Facebook pages.

The site categorizes these unwitting volunteers into personality types, using a facial recognition algorithm, so you can search for someone in your general area who is "easy going," "smug" or "sly." magazine, explain why they made the site."Facebook, an endlessly cool place for so many people, becomes at the same time a goldmine for identity theft and dating – unfortunately, without the user's control," the two explain.

" Amanda: I had to teach him how to say the greetings in Orcish and Elven.

One of the greetings for Orcish is "Aka'Magosh." He had no idea how to say that so I had to sit there with him and repeat it over and over again until he understood how to say it correctly. He thought it was cool and it was something different than his standard wedding that he normally does.

Occupation: artist and stay-at-home-mom (Amanda); mechanic (Jeremy)Hometown: Elgin, Illinois Jeremy: Raiding a small little town.

Amanda: Basically, we attacked a Horde village in Ashenvale.

With the photos, Zuckerberg created a controversial system that pitted one co-ed against another, by allowing others to vote on which one was better looking.

So even if Facebook's anticipated legal nasty gram makes its way to the duo, who seem to be based somewhere in Europe, they'll have an excellent defense.

"We have taken, and will continue to take, aggressive legal action against organizations that violate these terms.Amanda: We're going to get a babysitter for our daughter and then go to dinner and go see it.We're not going to dress up but I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear my shirt that says, "I'd rather be playing Wo W."Amanda: No, but we have a date night.So I just went onto the forums online on Blizzard's official website and someone was able to point me to their legal department on the forums.I did all the illustrations for the wedding invitations.Instead, it's part of a series of prank sites, the first two of which aimed at Google and Amazon, intended to make people think more about data in the age of internet behemoths.Mark Zuckerberg, the company's founder, made his name at Harvard in 2003 by scraping the names and photos of fellow classmates off school servers to feed a system called Face Mash.You can type in the game, so you can chat with people on different channels and stuff like that.But it wasn't until we joined the guild that we actually started talking. After being friends for two years, I was like, "Hey, why don't you come and visit me? Amanda: Basically, World of Warcraft was throughout the entire wedding. A lot of the creative stuff came in during the reception, where I actually made crests for all the guests.We had a few of our friends that we had met in the game, who were around when we first met, come to our wedding as well, and that was the first time that we met them [in person]. In our script, I put some game euphemisms into our vows.By that time, we had known the majority of them for anywhere between four and five years, or even longer than that. Jeremy: So instead of "in sickness and health…"Amanda: It said "in full health bars and rez sickness." My friends giggled at that part and everyone else who didn't get it just kind of was like, "What?

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