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Kitaen appeared in Seinfeld, once, as Jerry's girlfriend in the 1991 episode "The Nose Job." She had recurring parts in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and co-hosted America's Funniest People from 1992 to 1994.Kitaen was also in 19 episodes of the TV series The New WKRP in Cincinnati from 1991 to 1993 as a night-time DJ named Mona Loveland; in the show, her night-time program was called Midnight With Mona.1992 - April 2002Tawny Kitaen dated baseball pitcher Chuck Finley. They had two daughters together: Wynter Finley (born in 1993) and Raine Finley (born in 1998).In 2002 Kitaen was charged with spousal abuse of Finley.

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Finley filed for divorce three days after the alleged beating.Kitaen and Coverdale didn’t stay married for long, because this was the 1980s, and that’s just how things worked.Kitaen soon married professional baseball player Chuck Finley, but that marriage fell apart in 2002 when Kitaen was arrested for spousal abuse — she allegedly pummeled her husband with her high-heel shoes.She was never lovelier than in the title role of The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak, a cheerfully erotic French adventure in which she sought an elusive butterfly.In the mid 1980s she played Meredith on the daytime soap opera Capitol with Teri Hatcher, and by the late '80s she was a sultry, big-haired presence in Whitesnake videos, while she was dating and eventually married to the band's lead singer David Coverdale.The authorities said her two children were home at the time and Kitaen had given deputies permission for the search; the following July, she pleaded no contest to misdemeanor DWI and was sentenced to a couple days in jail, ordered to attend a first offender alcohol program and required to perform 64 hours of community service.The 1980s were a wildly different era, an era in which music videos frequently featured barely dressed women prancing around and showing off their assets in order to sell albums.She also co-starred in the movie Bachelor Party as the bride-to-be of a young Tom Hanks, and was the star of the 1986 horror movie Witchboard.She also starred in the 1997 movie "Dead Tides" with the wrestler Roddy Piper Kitaen appeared in several videos in the 1980s for the band Whitesnake, including the hits "Here I Go Again", "Still of the Night", "Is This Love," and "The Deeper The Love." She was then dating Whitesnake's lead singer, David Coverdale, to whom she was later briefly married.In a 1991 episode of Seinfeld, Jerry's brain and penis debated whether he should continue dating a foxy but empty-headed character played by Kitaen.In 1992 she replaced soap opera star Arleen Sorkin as co-host of America's Funniest People with Dave Coulier.

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