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While society at large has social media to thank for new friendships, relationships, insights and perspectives, inmates are doomed to total social exclusion, not only physical but psychological as well.

Satisfying inmates’ need to reconnect with friends, family, and society at large plays a huge role in their rehabilitation.

He concludes by describing a "post-modern" view, in which cultures within an immigrant nation have blended and inter-married to the extent that toleration becomes an intra-familial affair.

Walzer was first employed in 1962 in the politics department at Princeton University.

It’s a look of, “” I haven’t seen a persistent, ravenous lean-in like that since my first time with a man, or my first time eating a 20-piece nugget combo at Mc Donald’s.

It doesn’t really give any further details, but I imagine Kanzie still has her human pinned to that chair, because she’s not ready to give up the cuddles, and she’ll cuddle until she’s had enough! Honestly, she’s a more valid reason to be pinned to a chair for days on end than our usual culprit of Netflix and a case of rosé.

Continue reading As promised, Roseanne Barr has interviewed herself for her You Tube channel, in an attempt to once again defend herself against the haters who have accused her of tweeting racism at Valerie Jarrett.

For anyone wondering if this screen shot was taken out of context, you’re about to see that it’s very much ,” I’m still into this news.

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Would you help someone in prison understand the new world we live in?

He stayed there until 1966, when he moved to the government department at Harvard.

He taught at Harvard until 1980, when he became a permanent faculty member in the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study.

The airline powers didn’t exactly care about the screaming at his wife Mara Lane, but they did send the feds on his ass for vaping.

JRM decided to sit down with Pappy Larry King to give his side of the story.

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