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He has worked at media outlets in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Atlanta and contributed to a number of publications, including The Root and The American Prospect, among many others.So, that we are crystal clear I do not run behind black men. I am not desperate for their attention, money, or third arm. the kind of man who will smile and at times grin at her witticism/arguments deeply respecting her thoughts . Of course, as a good race woman, I have to say that this blog is not an indictment against black men. I could go on forever listing how black men can begin to challenge their male privilege, but, hey, Random House ain’t giving me no book deal they are too busy running behind the Steve Harvey’s and Tyler Perry’s of the world because clearly they speak for black women [pure sarcasm].Laura Flanders, Editor “A lively and informed expose of the most explosive new force in American politics.Melissa Harris Perry illustrates the conversation some white Americans like Sean Hannity are having about race.Listen how Sean Hannity contorts what President Obama said last Friday, and how he proves what the president said by his own contorted comments. Sarah Palin looks increasingly likely to mount a bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.Tea partiers Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Dan Coats now sit in the Senate alongside the GOP’s new poster boy, Marco Rubio.

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How dare you not smile broadly for the cameras, in order to reassure the nation that you are a safe black man?

In total some 30 Tea Party supporters won seats in Congress.

Their party is evidently here to stay – but what exactly does that mean for the future of the country?

When Shani Davis failed to act sufficiently gleeful after his win, he was asked: Are you angry?

Our nation continues to read black male autonomy as frightening, angry and aggressive. Our nation continues to read sullen, terse, chippy responses to benign questions from a reporter as a sign that something is eating at you. " was simply the polite, TV way of asking the common sense question on everyone's mind: "What the (bad word) is your (bad word) problem?

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