Who is dwight eubanks dating

And as expected tons of angry black women and the "God they speak for" are letting Eubanks and his wife- to -be have it on Essence's message board.

News", "guid" : "275631", "description" : "From \"13 Reasons Why\" and \"Hotel Transylvania 3\" to fashion collaborations and \"Back to You,\" Selena is simply unstoppable right now. ", "short Description" : "\"13 Reasons Why,\" \"Hotel Transylvania 3\" and more!

"Most of the men around here are gay, lying to their wives, slipping and dipping and all that, but it is what it is.

You have to enjoy life, and that’s what I am doing.”But if Eubanks is indeed a true bisexual man could he be sending the wrong message to millions about the lives of a misunderstood minority?

Now, he hopes to expand his beauty empire into the fashion world by launching a men’s lingerie line.

“My calendar is packed with public appearances and I continue to support charities and causes I believe in,” he reveals.

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