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“They were always close and friendly,” the insider added, noting that the pair would hang out on occasion during shooting for the film. He was most recently linked to director Lorene Scafaria, who wrote Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, back in 2010.Brody, 33, first landed in the spotlight as lovable comic book geek Seth Cohen on the WB’s hit The O. Gossip Girl actress Meester, meanwhile, previously dated actor Aaron Himelstein, though the 26-year-old parted ways with him over the holidays.

However, you have to understand the reason they left and work on the relationship to make it strong enough to stand the test of time. Well, for starters, read the guide on how to get your ex back.I know that sounds weird, but look at Leighton and Adam in the photo on US Weekly’s site.They’re making the same expression and they look like they could be related!But Caitlyn’s rep told us she has previously scheduled work commitments and won’t be joining the ongoing festivities.Brody, 34, hasn’t kept the best relationship with Caitlyn or the Kardashian side of his family — even telling paparazzi that he had no idea Kylie, 20, was pregnant after she gave birth to Stormi Webster in February. picked up Brody Jenner's call-in talk show, they described him as a "sex connoisseur"—and while we have no way of proving his abilities in that, erm, arena (though he did tell us how to kiss), we [View image]( | [gettyimages.com]( __First Date:__ July 2013 __Love Story:__ Brody's third—yes, third—*Playboy* model.__Fate:__ Broke up in November 2013 __Kaitlynn Carter__ [#iframe://embed.gettyimages.com/embed/477237404?In April, the blond beauty posted a group photo of Jenner with his mom Linda Thompson, brother Brandon and his wife Leah, and his pals while deejaying at Hooray Henry's in Hollywood.Caitlyn Jenner scored an invite to her son’s wedding, but she won’t be going.She’s always struck me as very likable, normal and mature for her years, and now she’s with Adam Brody! Adam Brody and Leighton Meester, both veterans of the teen drama genre, have been secretly dating for weeks, sources confirm to Us Weekly.The actors, who costarred in 2011 dramedy The Oranges alongside Catherine Keener and Hugh Laurie, have been “hanging out,” the source tells Us.

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