White wives dating black men pictures

Typically, as the libidos of white males continue to decline, husbands find that black men can more than adequately meet their white wife's sexual needs without the risk of emotional involvement.

According to our e-mail many husbands feel that their wives, who have gotten used to a certain social, cultural and economic lifestyle, will not leave them for a black man that doesn't share these characteristics.

Once people know she has black lovers on the side, she has nothing to lose in sidestepping propriety and dressing and acting in a more sexual manner.

Within limits, a husband may want to see this transition in a wife who was previously not interested in sex.

After she adjusts to a well-endowed black lover, her husband may find that he can readily enter her -- especially right after she's had sex with a black lover.

Having sex with her while she's still wet from a lover is a turn-on for many husbands.

This, type of female humiliation underlies the popularity Internet black-on-white photos and videos featuring attractive girls apparently dong the bidding of well-endowed black men.

The motivation for this runs deep in the male (and even female) psyche and is discussed in various places on this site.

Some women find excitement in seeing the contrast in skin color during sex, or yielding to a man that is stronger and more sex driven than their husbands. This may include the risk of pregnancy, however remote with condoms and effective birth control.

As one man said, "I wouldn't trust my dog with some of these guys." Second, STDs, including AIDS, are especially high in the black population and often a black partner will not tell a white women he is infected -- assuming he even knows.

The latter is significant because individuals in this group are the least apt to have themselves tested for STDs.

Some white women, especially when they marry older men, simply want a black stud to to regularly "get them off," especially when their husbands no longer can.

Finally, some husbands believe (occasionally accurately) that women can become "addicted" to black sex -- becoming "black cock sluts." Black lovers often push white wives into new sexual experiences -- things they have never tried with their husbands.

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