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being interesting can count for more here than being informational.what's funny is when the headline is 'looking for a good man' or 'here to date' and somewhere in the narrative, she's written 'i am very intelligant.'I pay little attention to them, and look at the content of the body of their profile, and the pictures, of course.

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I also search what their education is, along with their occupation, because it does make a difference for me, and needs to correspond to their profile construction. Not trying to be flip here, but it's the equivalent of the cover of the book.I've been using the Meet Me feature and I've noticed a lot of generic headlines like "Looking for a Good hearted woman" or "Looking for Fun". I tend to wonder about the 'fun' when people say 'Looking for fun' and I've also noticed the 'Looking for....' is used in at least 60% of men's headlines. I know I tend to look more closely at someone whose Headline is interesting and unique - and so what harm does it do to apply the same rules to oneself ? ', 'Pass the Pepper', anything which is less usual makes me pause. My thoughts are who cares about the heading if you can't take 2 minutes to read a profile anyways.Ive seen unique heading with absolutely no substance in the profile so thanks for the false advertising Ask A Guy can be answered by anyone - the gender restriction is on the OP only. Rather then getting all up in the air about these matters, try reading the forum rules and then you won't look so foolish complaining about things which are detailed very clearly.If a friend gives you a hilarious headline and your profile is devoid of humor, the headline was bait and switch.Some use headlines to try to weed out undesirables: no shirtless pics, no nsa.The first impresson is negative, but at least she might see fewer shirtless thumbnails in her viewed me.A song title or lyric that describes your situation can be good, for example "Tired of being alone" if you like the Al Green song. For example, in mid February a "Valentine's Day, bah humbug! When I say fun it doesn't mean sex, and when I read fun I don't think sex.Edit for below = There is nothing sarcastic about my reply. But you go ahead and judge people based on your own low standards of behavior and come back and let me know how that's working for you.A lot of women who have marketing as their profession tell me putting "Looking" in my headline as being tacky or unoriginal, but yet it works because they view my profile.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Do other people think that any suggestion of "fun" is code for sex?

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