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These messy substances can include whipped cream, chocolate sauce (yum yum), squirty foam, custard, baked beans, ice cream, pudding, all sorts of body lotion, slippery creamy substances, chocolate syrup (more yum yum) and the like.Sploshers, for that is what they are called, enjoy the feel of liquids on their bodies.Each Avant dildo is lovingly and painstakingly handcrafted by a select group of artisans who love their work and are proud to be part of this special piece.The Avanti design is artfully curved and shaped for erotic stimulation.

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As she puts her legs on my back, she gets wet and starts to moan softly.This was before the days of the World Wide Web, and things have moved on since the magazine days - with Sploshers evolving into food loving rather than slime loving.This brings us to the present day and Splosh Dating - the place where people can meet and explore one another's bodies through the touch and feel of food.Think slippery body lotion, milk (full fat or skimmed - either works) and also alcohol.Wine works particularly well on a female body, slithering down into a woman's willing crevices, begging to be licked off. Sexy food fun is where sploshing becomes even more fun. ” The dominant kinky woman sat down on my chest pushing the feeding bottle in my mouth. Joanne, the dominant kinky woman kept stressing how I was tied up and couldn’t move at all. ” She hopped on my chest from excitement and I felt her boots kicking my thighs. The opportunity to take a shower was too good to miss. “Oh no, don’t touch your balls, not even to wash, these are ours now….” screamed Joanne, “Turn around! Her blond curly hair moving freely around her head. The pizza, which was still sticking out of my mouth smeared all over Joanne’s bottom. It was an odd smell of oil and leather mixed with the orange juice, pizza sauce and cheese. Finally, I managed to tell her I desperately needed to go to the bathroom. I stood up and made a rush for the bathroom with the hose in my hand. I wondered why the ladies liked my unwashed and unshaven appearance as they entered the shower. She grabs my erect cock and walks up and down the room gently pulling me behind her. Her hand feels like a vice grip as she drags me around the table making it impossible to walk. Joanne clearly doesn’t enjoy it half as much as Margot does. A few seconds later, I feel the leather collar closing around my throat. “That is not the way to treat an old school friend! She steps forward, grabs the dog leash and pulls me towards her. “Don’t worry,” Margot explains, “Joanne will pick up a young stud in some pub who has to bear her wrath. “I was never fond of hot dogs anyways…” Joanne says as she walks towards a bag to take out a dog leash. The mixture of pizza sauce, orange juice, oil and grease on the rough suit makes me want to vomit…well almost. She grinded my face with the rough material of her motor dress. I will read it to the both of you.” Joanne pulled the feeding bottle out of my mouth and turned towards Margot, who now sat down on my legs, tickling my balls. Joanne rubbed her bottom in my face as she started reading.

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