Victorian dating

(Clue: How the advertisement tries to change a person’s mind or way of thinking) Give your reasons, using the questions above to help h) Are the posters aimed at different types of audience (men, women, children or all groups)?

i) Do you think these Victorian advertisements are they different/similar to those of today?

The adverts show, to some extent, how and who might have cleaned the home, how the Victorians had fun and how some products were sold.

Ornaments for evening wear included floral wreaths, ostrich feathers, pomegranate flowers, wheatears and butterflies.

In the 1860s it was fashionable for men's coats and jackets to be single-breasted and semi-fitted, extending to the mid thigh.

These documents can be used alongside our interactive Victorians website which also contains a huge number of sources on the period from The National Archives and objects from Victoria and Albert Museum.

It would be helpful for the pupils to watch the opening video in Start here on our Victorians website before looking at the sources to get the most out of the questions and activities as well as looking at general guidance questions below on how to evaluate and understand documents.

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