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Visual Studio can create these installers specifically for a Windows service and add them to your project.

Services report their status to the Service Control Manager, so that users can tell whether a service is functioning correctly.

Every Windows Service has an entry in the registry under HKLM\System\Current Control Set\services. You might explore the use of a Service Controller component, which enables you to send commands to the service you have installed.If your On Start and On Stop methods run long, your service can request more time by calling Set Service Status again with an incremented A Windows Service, like any other executable, can accept command-line arguments, or startup parameters. The quotation marks around the path (and around each individual parameter) are required for the service to start up correctly.When you add code to process startup parameters, users can start your service with their own custom startup parameters by using the Services window in the Windows Control Panel. To change the startup parameters for this Windows Service, users can change the parameters given in the Image Path registry key, although the better way is to change it programmatically and expose the functionality to users in a friendly way (for example, in a management or configuration utility).The first step is to update the dataset with new records, changed records, or deleted records.If your application never sends those changes back to the data source, then you are finished with the update.Data Row Collection property when adding or removing rows.Those methods perform the change tracking that's needed for updating the data source.However, these startup parameters are not persisted the next time the service starts. You can create a standalone setup program that others can use to install your Windows service, but it requires additional steps.To set startup parameters permanently, you can set them in the registry, as shown in this procedure. Click Once doesn't support Windows services, so you can't use the Publish Wizard.You do this in one of three ways: When you data bind dataset tables to controls on a Windows Form or XAML page, the data binding architecture does all the work for you.If you're familiar with Table Adapters, you can jump directly to one of these topics: Updating a data source is a two-step process.

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