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Alternatively, Share Point Online workflows can also be used to provide enhanced workflow functionality over public folders.

Public folders in Exchange can be used to initiate automated processes.

Organizations that require public folders while in Office 365 have a few options depending on how they actually use the public folders currently.

Below are a number of scenarios outlining how public folders are utilized and some possible workarounds: The most common use of public folders is to set up calendars, tasks and contact lists for the organization to access.

As an example, it is convenient to be able to share datasheets and FAQs in a way that can be pushed to a sales person’s laptop when they are on the road.

WORKAROUND One of the primary uses for Share Point Online is document sharing.

A large number of organizations rely on public folders for day to day business and they cannot get away from them.

WORKAROUND Another common use of Exchange public folders is to share documents, especially when these documents need to be taken offline.

” The answer is “of course you can, but you cannot bring your public folders with you to Exchange Online”.

Microsoft does not have any migration tools that can handle the migration of public folders to Office 365.

Email messages sent to this folder are reviewed by the necessary staff that either respond directly or store the email messages for further processing.

WORKAROUND You can use a shared mailbox in Exchange Online to provide a single email address for multiple people to use and initiate a manual workflow.

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