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It's my phone that I took and will continue to take with me anywhere I want and not have to worry about the battery dieing every night.Might have to hit each key like we were doing before to get the letter, or wait a second to hit the letter again, but man o man, VERY SMART BUY. even with another battery, which I also have for my rooted Note 4. Just got back from a weekend at my GFs and the battery is like it was never discharged. Your phone may have registered with the wrong cell phone tower.

After the update, you can also get data on their partner networks (you can roam on Sprint, US Cellular, ACS, etc, etc at no charge as part of your Vz W service) with the data roaming setting turned off.

Keep in mind that it could take over a month for a carrier to tell Verizon that you owe roaming charges.

This is why roaming charges are sometimes seen on billing statements after you were roaming, like on one or two billing statements after you were traveling.

Carrier settings updates are small files (about 10k) that are downloaded from i Tunes to be installed on your i Phone or i Pad Wi-Fi 3G.

The carrier settings can include updates to the default APN (how the device accesses the carrier’s cellular data network).

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