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If the JSON object’s Signup Dates property doesn’t contain an array, nothing will be added; If the JSON object doesn’t have a Signup Dates property, then one will be added, holding an array with one value in it.

Because my JSON object doesn’t have a Signup Dates property, my previous update statement will give me this: As that discussion suggests, you can also use append to add a new property to a JSON object.

The function returns the updated JSON object, which, in an Update statement, you can use to change the value of your JSON column.

This query sets the Is Premium property of every Customer’s JSON object in the Last Update column to false while updating the row’s Last Update column with the changed JSON object: JSON’s "flexibility" (for want of a better word) can trip you up here.

About the Author Peter Vogel is a system architect and principal in PH&V Information Services.

PH&V provides full-stack consulting from UX design through object modeling to database design.

If these columns are specified as NULL, then it will raise an error like the below: Msg 13587, Level 16, State 1, Line 5 Period column ‘Start Time’ in a system-versioned temporal table cannot be nullable.For regular tables if we need to keep track of the history developer need to create triggers and store the data in separate table there is no built in support for it.But with Temporal Tables Sql Server provides the built-in support for tracking the full history of the data and also provides the temporal querying construct FOR SYSTEM_TIME to query historic data at any point in time or for a period of time.Peter tweets about his VSM columns with the hashtag #vogelarticles.His blog posts on user experience design can be found at We can mark these period columns as HIDDEN, if we mark them as HIDDEN then these columns will not appear in the result of query and also INSERT INTO statement without column list works without passing these column values in the values list.So this HIDDEN flag makes the enabling of the System Verionsed tables completely transparent to the users/application. NET column I showed how to retrieve rows that hold JSON objects by querying on values in those objects’ properties.However, sometimes you’ll want to work with the complete JSON object rather than with individual values.Creating Temporal Table, Delete Temporal Table, DML operations on history Table, DML operations on Temporal Table, Insert Temporal Table, Introduction to Temporal Table, Limitiations of Temporal Table, Sql, Sql Server, Sql Server 2016, Sql System Versioned Temporal Table, Sql Temporal Table, System Versioned Table, System Versioned Temporal Table, System-Versioned, Temporal Table, Temporal Table in Sql, Temporal Table in Sql 2016, Temporal Table in Sql Server 2016, Truncate Temporal Table, Update Temporal Table Temporal Table is a new type of user defined table introduced in Sql Server 2016.Temporal table is like any other normal tables the main difference is for Temporal Tables Sql Server automatically tracks the full history of the data changes into a separate history table.

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