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While the reasons women use the site were all different, there was no mistaking the vulnerability evident in all their posts.And most said they did it because they cannot afford to go to a licensed clinic.He wrote: “After chatting to couples paying for fertility treatment I decided to try and help those in need of a donor free of charge as the gift of life is so precious.” However, while many do seem genuine, it is difficult to comprehend exactly why the men claiming to be so motivated by helping others do not go to licensed clinics which all suffer a major shortage of men willing to donate their sperm.After all, there, they have no financial or legal obligation for any children born as a result of their donations.But considering the gambles to both mother and baby online, that may seem a small price to pay for the precious gift of life.But then in all the posts I read, I didn’t once hear any mention of what bringing a baby into the world in this way could mean for a child’s future. There are single women desperate for a child including career women worried they have left it too late, infertile couples and women in same sex relationships.These are clinics licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and run by a team of professionals who meticulously ensure each sperm sample is checked and screened in a lengthy and rigorous process. Just an Internet connection to register on the sites for free. Another read: “I’m totally disease free with an outstanding sperm count and willing to commit until you conceive.” Twenty minutes later another message flashed up from somebody in Totton. Meanwhile Rob’s comment was nauseating, signing off his offer of sex with “at your cervix.” One man claimed to be a pilot and promised a “plentiful delivery with genuine warmth and caring. Unsurprisingly he was only interested in NI – natural sex.

Just 24 hours after I posted my simple advert saying I was a 27-year-old professional woman looking for a sperm donor, it had 611 views. But I wanted to know exactly who were the hundreds of men clicking on my message and what drove them to trawl the site?

I’m 18 and want a baby but I can’t find anyone who wants to commit.

Please help.” Within seconds a man in his thirties had posted his mobile number.

I soon understood why critics say the men just want free sex.

Every man I questioned about the most effective method of conception gave the same answer summed up by this response: “NI tends to work the fastest to be honest.” Some gave me graphic information on positions that would “guarantee” pregnancy. One wrote: “Have had quite a few ladies try the guilt trip to get me to do AI.

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