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We found our way to the Ukraine Airlines desk and we are given a Turkish Airlines ticket for tomorrow. I fly a lot and I have never had such a terrible experience. 3.5 hours inside a hot plane in 40-45 degrees with no explanation! 24 hrs before the flight got a notification the flight (of 1h 35min) would be delayed for 7 hrs.

No explanation about reasons, though it is required in their internal rules.

Do yourself a favor, take a different airline so you don't have any regrets and an empty pocket. They just don't go further, and the service is painfully slow and disorganized.

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The cabin crew hardly ever smiled and seemed more preoccupied with selling things (food, perfume, souvenirs) than serving passengers. I travel twice a month to Kiev from Delhi and decided to try this non stop offer.However when tried was unable to check in, arrived at the airport early tried to check in. Would change half way through a conversation to someone who she could check in. Eventually through force of not leaving her alone the police where called.First time with UIA always flew with BA never will try UIA. This airline has terrible service, food, old aircraft, uncomfortable sits and now hidden fees. Airport check in wasn't free, no meal was included. The tickets seems to be cheapest at first but suddenly it is not. I hate when airlines advertise themselves as traditional airlines, but they are performing as low cost airlines. The staff wasn't caring, they didn't even speak English, which was really surprising. All the flights I took was performed on-time, which was nice. Yes, drinks, nuts and chips are chargeable but they have lovely free food menu. Actually I was scared because I read horrible reviews but I had a lovley experience so far. No PTV but they have huge screens and you can bring your i Pad or Kindle like I did. The legroom space was terrible, even worse than some European low cost airlines.If you think you will save money by using this airline, then think again. But in the last four months the service has gone down to the appalling levels. The flights through Kiev are delayed in Kiev for 3-5 hours, and this happens often. And unfortunately I have now experienced it multiple times in the past three months. If you happen to wait in the domestic flights lounge, they switch off the light to save on electricity.They will find a way to rob you even if you don't check in online. On the flight, if you happen to seat after the row 20-21, do not expect to get any service with food or drinks.Please refer to our General Privacy Policy, which contains other important GDPR-related information. No one assisted us, there was no one at the transfer desk.

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