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This is an outstanding level of privacy for the price of a single lap dance.

The lap dances at Little Darlings are fully nude and start at , though many dancers ask - for fully-nude lap dances with touching.

For example, Sapphire offers a private karaoke room.

You may also find video monitors, individual lighting and sound controls, windows overlooking the club’s main stage, and other amenities.

At a lot of Vegas strip clubs with group VIPs, the dancer will tell you that she can give you a much better dance in the VIP, or that club policy allows no touching outside the VIP.

In this survey, I’m going to cover all of the VIP options at the major Las Vegas strip clubs and even a few of the lesser known locals’ strip clubs.

Little Darlings offers an excellent selection of dancers.

In most cases, the VIP rate is actually based on three songs, not 10 minutes.

The benefit I expect when I pay for the VIP is privacy.

So I won’t pay for a group VIP even at clubs I like, because there’s no more privacy in a group VIP than on the main floor.

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