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Have a good day Sincerely Handsome1943 aka Paul You are all lucky to have some groups located close to you.I live next door to Atlantic City, in Ventnor City. Although Deptford is only about a 40 minute drive, when I go out I like to have a drink or two and these days its just not worth it. NICKDumb question...South Jersey Vineland is about middle ground for most. Means no one has to drive more than 30 or 40 minutes?Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Is there any singles groups, meetings, dances,etc etc down here in south jersey.know that meet monthly, quarterly...??? They are at Aldelphia's in Deptford every Thursday night, and I believe they have a red baloon so you can find them.Like meeting at a club, bar, so much easier to meet like this than online... There is another group that is closely aligned to Singles On the Move which is called Fantastic 50's and they have a web site for information Both groups do a LOT of activities.Who is withme on this issue *** ***Hello, This is a post from another I made. at the Old Oar House Brewery, in the Gazebo Bar out back.

Sometimes the singles groups are there on a Friday night.

ALSO, Blue Eyes, on Egg Harbor Road have singers on both Friday and Saturday night, AND THEY ARE GREAT!

Blue Eyes has a drink menu with 44 martinis on it!!

I have nothing to hide, so ask me anything and I will World traveler from birth (literally).

Most of my friends consider me the sure and steady guy but that doesn't mean I'm not adventurous.

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