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Most of the world map is properly mapped out, and the base NPC dialog generators are working properly.Special thanks to @Jackho , @Exedor , @Neko Mika and everyone at the newgrounds QC crew at the Elite Guard Barracks and the Audio Portal Cleanup for inspiring these gameplay elements! I waited the cinema too 'cause I said oh my God it might be . But,..New Grounds have a problem with the Sex Kitten Sim Date Games,..somthing? Can't we all just get along and enjoy the Sex Kitten Sim Date games without wanting them "BLAMMED(? This game was played 829,992 times and currently has a rating of 4.00 out of 5.00.

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So you have to go and find some slut to cheat on your girl. Slut want a holiday, and it's going to cost 1200 US dollars to ho to Jamaica. Earn the money by doing obscure things for celebrities, who will give you shit you can hawk for cash, while in the mean time, looking at heaps of great porn. Negima Sim Date progress, currently at 0.291.512b - most of the systems are in place and two routes done, and it's just raw text entry into the databases now.I'm currently working on adding Bells-neesan's date text. (You just read that in Yukari-sensei's voice and had horrifying flashbacks to the Yukarimobile Massacre of 2002 while Fortunate Son - CCR starts to play in the background.) I'm now 33 years old. - Lets see what wacky shit I've been cooking up on the project folders.Your task is to take your starting 10$ and walk away a millionaire! Expect mindfuckery on the scale, perhaps even more than Sex Kitten RPG2 that'll leave you saying 'WAT'!(20% done) Sex Kitten 8: An exclusive @Kehmicle project.Aside from some demos indicating that you need to move from a dingy basement, work is still in progress on this one.Your girlfriend Slutty Mc Slut drops you to the school where only girls study.Your task is to survive in this crazy Hentai nymphomaniac company and get back home.

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