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" did not convince the Godmother to change her plans."Well, Debbie.

You need to understand the problems associated with slutiness.

" in her rage at having been cheated of the car spot.

Chapter 2: pm, January 31st Debbie was watching "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" when there was a poof of smoke in the corner of her apartment.Debbie blurted "Who the fuck are you" and tried to rise.Something pinned her to her seat."I am the Fairy Godmother of all Sluts, my dear Debbie. Debbie couldn't speak but could only nod at the remembrance.I promise, you are still you, as these features have not been adjusted more than 10%.Second - The mere thought of leaving this apartment building will be absolutely hilarious to you.Long blond hair, well done makeup, and curves that showed from under her jacket.That was all Debbie knew of the woman but she mouthed a "Slut!If that happens, it happens, but I must warn you your fate will be far worse than whatever could happen if you stay. Third - Your credit and debit cards are cancelled and your credit rating now is so poor that no one will give you credit.Your computer privileges are revoked and the internet service has been cancelled.Equally uncommon was the figure that occupied the spot when the smoke cleared.An absolutely exquisite woman stood there, with her full attention on Debbie.

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