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If so, In a world where Biblical terms and concepts are continually and increasingly being stretched beyond their original intended boundaries, added to, and even redefined, for example, how many women a man can marry, whether two people of the same gender can enter into a marriage union, or whether sex makes two people married, it’s all the more imperative that we question and closely re-examine what society says constitutes a marriage relationship, and what actions can violate it, through a Biblical lens.

If you’ve ever been married, or even ENGAGED, there’s a pretty good chance, both statistically and Biblically, that you, your spouse, fiancé, or your “ex”, may have been involved in adultery, and may still be.

How many babies have not lived a long life because of the sin of a parent, like we read about in 2 Samuel 12, or as we see today when a child is aborted by a mother guilty of sexual sins, including adultery.

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Lastly, we seek forgiveness from the one(s) we have sinned against, and make sure we don’t betray them or anyone else in this way again.I would argue that he wasn’t marriage material either when he decided to have marital relations with a woman he was not married to. He died so I can be happy and because He loves me as the sinner I am and doesn’t expect me to change.” When I hear this attitude, the Words of Yahusha come to mind, Workers of iniquity are people who sin. A loving wife is faithful to keep the marriage covenant, whether he keeps it or not, and both Jeremiah 31 and Hebrews 8 and 10 state that the New Covenant was the Old Testament Law, the marriage covenant, being placed on Israel’s heart, in her mind, to keep it.They’d probably be an equal yoke if they both consented to sex before marriage. If we REALLY love our Savior, our Messiah, we will do what the Old Testament and New Testament, our marriage covenant, says.So not one, but two deaths resulted from David’s sin with Bathsheba.The Bible teaches that adultery always leads to murder or death, in some shape or form, whether spiritual, physical, or both.How many abortions have come forth because of adultery, in an attempt to hide one’s unfaithfulness?How many murders and suicides have come about because of one’s own transgression in this area, or because they felt betrayed by a spouse who was unfaithful to them?No man would want his daughter stolen out from under him, so we should treat others as we would like to be treated.Such a man might argue that the woman is not marriage material if she had sex before marriage. I can please my flesh as much as I want, God still loves me because I love Him and I sometimes go to church and sing about how much I love Jesus and I pray to him sometimes and tell people how much I love him. Sin is breaking His commandments, His laws, in the Old Testament. Just because someone calls Him their Master, their Adon, their Lord, doesn’t mean they prove He’s really their Master with their actions. A woman can say she loves her husband all she wants, she can flatter him with her words and confess her loyalty for life, but if she turns around and breaks her marriage covenant by seducing or allowing herself to be seduced by another man, while her first husband is still alive, that’s sinning against him, that’s not love, that’s disloyalty.2 Samuel 11:2-4 So David had sexual relations with Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba, while Uriah was at battle.She became pregnant while her husband was gone, so in an attempt to hide his sin, David ordered Uriah to be brought home from battle so Uriah could have relations with his wife, so that everyone would think Uriah was the father of the child and David’s sin would not be known.

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