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The presence of a computer at home, a job requiring computer use, age and education are important factors in predicting Internet use among older adults (Chang et al. Internet use has been most prevalent among young old adults (aged between 60 and 69), and Internet use rates drop significantly with increasing age (e.g., Erjavec 2014; Chang et al. This might be due to age-related changes in cognition, physical, and perceptual abilities, including changes in cognitive processing speed, reducing ability to allocate attention efficiently, decreasing visual acuity, and decreasing motor skills, which have not been taken into account in most hardware and software design (e.g., Charness, Boot 2009; Chang et al. This disadvantage may also affect the underrepresentation of older groups among online daters. The first time I was ghosted, I didn’t understand what I had done wrong.They target a wide audience or aim at particular subgroups (e.g., religiously affiliated sites), and they may charge users to participate or can be free of charge (Finkel et al. This definition distinguishes online dating from other online communication forms, such as e-mail, chat room, multi-user domains, etc., where friendships or relationships emerge mainly as by-products (Wang 2015).Online dating is also distinguished from earlier forms of mediated match-making, such as personal advertisements in newspapers and magazines, in providing larger user-based and more sophisticated self-presentation options (Ellison et al. Online dating has today become a common and in some contexts even dominant, practice for seeking romantic partners (Sautter et al. 2011; Rosenfeld, Thomas 2012; Manning 2014; Zakelj 2012).Introduction In the last twenty years, the Internet has created new spaces for developing relationships.Among them are various online dating sites that emphasize self-directed partner searches or rely on scientific algorithms for partner selection. Internet dating is defined as a purposeful form of meeting new people through specifically designed internet sites (Barraket, Henry-Waring 2008).Ghosting is sort of a funny term to me, because ghosts haunt you, popping up when you least expect them. We met up once or twice a week for a couple of months, and it was a really fun start to a relationship. I wish that I could say that I played it cool and just let it go, but he really pissed me off. There are those horrible few days when you check your phone a lot more than usual, thinking they might just have been really busy (although as my friend crudely but accurately says, “If you can shit, you can text”) or something happened to their phone (though with text, Whats App, Facebook, and email, just to name a few, that’s hardly an excuse anymore…I thought things were going really well; he even called me out of the blue once when he was feeling stressed, asking to meet up “because I always made things better.” It felt like we were on track to something great. not to mention you can easily see if someone has been active on social media).

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“Weird,” I thought, but I obviously went to the pub anyway. And while it doesn’t get any easier to take, I have realised over the years that it can actually be a really good thing.He wrote back almost immediately saying he did understand, and it was nice to meet me, and he wished me all the best. *** The third time I was ghosted, the most recent time, I didn’t understand why I didn’t see it coming. I knew it had an expiration date, but I thought we’d end up as friends, or that it would at least end on a nice note. After weeks of silence (except when he asked me for tips about Instagram… I mean, if they don’t have the balls to tell you they want to end things, they probably won’t have the balls to say they’re sorry.I don’t want to say too much about this situation, because it goes deeper than what I’m sharing here and it is quite recent, but let’s just say this one had an international twist. Of course, I was totally gracious about the situation, and backed quietly into the shadows so that he could continue to live out his life. Take it from me, though: write your message, then delete half of it, then wait a day, then show it to your most hard-nosed friend, then wait another day, and then if you still want to send it, go ahead.We went on two dates; the first one was fun, but by the time we met for the second date, something with the chemistry just seemed off (i.e.I didn’t want to kiss him, and the conversation felt stilted). I really liked hanging out with you but I don’t see a future for us. Do you reveal your anger or your sadness, either way exposing that you did indeed care for him or her?First, we create a theoretical background for understanding online dating. In the last part, we analyze our data and offer discussion and conclusions.Theoretical Background Older adults constitute the group recording the greatest increase in Internet usage in the past decade; however, usage varies greatly within this population.They’re showing you that they are capable of acting quite selfish and inconsiderate… As one of my favourite people on the internet, Mark Manson, writes, if you’re in the grey zone, you’ve already lost.And if someone ghosts you, or frequently ignores your messages, you are definitely in the grey zone…It is particularly important to analyze how people who lived the majority of their lives under socialism internalized the principles of the market economy and new technology.Since existing studies have neglected to examine how older adults who lived the majority of their lives under socialism perceived online dating, the present study tries to fill this research gap by using semi-structured interviews with 38 persons of heterosexual orientation between the ages 63 and 77 who are seeking casual or committed sexual and romantic relationships.

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