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Except as specified at the “Loss of personal property” paragraph above, the Canadian Force Postal Service and the Department of National Defence shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, general, special or consequential damages regardless of whether such damages result from the loss or mishandling, damage or delay in delivering of items mailed through Morale Mail service.The Morale Mail service should not be used if the addressee is scheduled to return to Canada within four weeks of the mailing date.To meet Ukraine Customs requirements for Op UNIFIER, the inscribed list will be replaced by the Operation specific ‘Care Package Load List’ for each parcel which must be attached to the bottom left corner of the respective parcel in a clear sealed shipping envelope.Parcels without the proper customs documentation /labels will take additional time to be processed and may be refused.Note that the lines "Rank/Initials/Name" and "Unit/Section" of the operational address are to be replaced with "Any Canadian Armed Forces member".The CF Morale Mail service provides families and friends within Canada a cost-free alternative to using Canada Post to send care packages to those serving at a CAF deployed operation. Only families and friends of soldiers within Canada may send letters and parcels to Canadian Armed Forces members, DND employees, CAFPSA personnel, and CAF Contractors.

In the following illustration, the parcel has the following dimensions: length = 1.0 m (Approx 39"), width = 0.3 m (Approx 12"), and height = 0.15 m (Approx 6").Should a parcel be undeliverable in theatre, the parcel shall incur ‘postage due’ charges, and forwarded to the addressee in Canada.If the addressee did not leave any forwarding address, the parcel shall incur ‘postage due’ charges and be returned to sender.Morale Mail can typically be dropped off at a Base or Wing Mail Room, or Military Post Office; at some locations the Military Family Resource Centre may be able to accept parcels. A Canada Post International Air/Surface Shipping Label must be completed and attached to the respective parcel, and a detail list of contents must be inscribed in the bottom left-hand corner of the parcel to include quantity, description, weight (if known), and value.Parcels for Op UNIFIER not meeting this requirement will take additional time to process and move to theatre for delivery.If the parcel contains questionable contents and there is no return address, the parcel will be opened, the contents verified, prohibited items removed, a letter enclosed explaining the actions of the CF Postal Service, and the parcel sent to the addressee.A record of the parcel, the contents removed, a copy of the enclosed letter, and disposition of the contents will be maintained by the CF Postal Service.All senders of parcel mail are required to complete a Canada Post Customs Declaration Form (i AW Canada Post Guide: International Parcel Air/Surface 43-074-172 also known as CP 72)) for each parcel which must be attached to the outside of the respective parcel.A separate list of items including quantity, description, weight (if known), and value must be inscribed in the bottom left corner of the parcels.Morale Mail Service is not recommended for sending personal property or items of any significant value.For those items, customers are advised to use the Canada Post mail service and to purchase indemnity coverage.

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