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The book begins with a 5 page "Introduction" written by Chicago.

In this essay Chicago explains how she became involved in the writing of this book and that one of their goals for this book was "…to consider Kahlo's art without constantly referring to her biography as a way of explaining the imagery".

If a woman identifies her figure as “average” and doesn’t have a full body shot, it’s very likely that she’s a SIF. Use the photo searching tips from item four before responding to the message. Eventually, they all become Q-tips after about 60 years old. But guys, if you’re overweight as well, you’re not going to get a good response rate from slender or athletic women.

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The text in this book is a "dialogue" between the two artistic icons in which they discuss their interpretation of the selected works.

It’s well-established that most of us lie to some degree on our online dating profiles. Women typically chase fashion styles and are willing to spend lots of money to be up to date. For free online dating websites, this can be a huge problem. Women are also very good at posing and fashions to tone down the curves. There might be more and I’m sure my clever and thoughtful readers will contribute in the comments.

There are plenty of websites and blogs to help women find the lies on men’s profiles. If the photo has outdated fashion styles, it’s an older photo. It includes when and where the photo was taken among other information I’ve experimented with some Plenty of Fish photos and haven’t found much in the way of EXIF image data. It’s very easy to do and this Google search results page provides links to websites that look for that data in images. Thankfully, there are ways to do searches to find similar images. As well, perhaps validated profiles will squash many of these lies.

In the back of the book is a two page chronology that highlights events in Kahlo's life. It is printed on heavy non-glare paper and beautifully bound as though it were a photo album.

This book presents a fresh and captivating look at the iconic artist, her exuberant husband, and their coterie of famous friends.

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