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es^fff selected and translated by HUGH GRAY VOi Uil E II ! The essays in this first English edition were selected by the translator, and are published by arrangement with Editions du Cerf, All rights reserved.

VOL II by ANDRE BAZIN essays selected and translated by HUGH GRAY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Berkeley Los Angeles Londo Q UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Berkeley and Los Angeles, California UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS, LTD, London, England Copyright © 1971 by The Regents of the University of California First printing, 1971 First Paperback Edition, 1972 ISBN: O-520-02255-6 Library of Congress Catalog Card No.: 67-18899 The original edition from which this translation has been made was published in Paris by Editions du Cerf, under the tttie Qu-esi-ce que le Cinema?

Throughout the arts there runs a vein of the contemplative and mystical as well as an ex- pressionist vein." vii CONTENTS Translator's Introduction 1 An Aesthetic of Reality: Cinematic Realism and the Italian School of the Liberation 1 6 La Terra Trema 41 Bicycle Thief 47 De Sica: Metteur en Scene 61 Umberto D : A Great Work 79 Cabiria: The Voyage to the End of Neorealism 83 In Defense of Rossellini 93 The Myth of Monsieur Verdoux 1 02 Limelight, or the Death of Moliere 1 24 The Grandeur of Limelight 128 The Western, or the American Film par excellence 140 The Evolution of the Western 149 Entomology of the Pin-Up Girl 158 The Outlaw 163 Marginal Notes on Eroticism in the Cinema 169 The Destiny of Jean Gabin 176 Notes 179 Index 195 TRANSLATOR'S INTRODUCTION FOUR YEARS AGO in his forewoid to the first English volume of What is Cimtm?

Whenever he and his wife and small son went away for a few weeks he would look about among his innumerable friends for a couple not so comfortably housed to whom he could lend his house, and then find someone to lend his car to.To dislike Kuro- sawa because one loves Mizoguchi is only the first step toward under- standing.Unquestionably anyone who prefers Kurosawa must be incurably blind but anyone who loves only Mizoguchi is one-eyed.He would borrow money aloud but lend it with a whisper.In his presence everything became simple, clear, and above- board."I'm afraid," he said, "that I'll die before this poor creature does." Whether the world be good or evil I cannot say, but I am certain that it is men like Bazin who make it a better place.For, in believing life to be good and behaving accordingly, Andre had a beneficial effect on all who came in contact with him, and one could count on the fingers of one hand those who behaved badly toward him.He died only a few hours after I had finished my first day's shooting.When, on bemg sent for by his friend Pere Leger, I arrived at his home in Nogent, he looked up at me but could no longer speak and was in acute pain.Only in the articles of Sartre, whom Baziii particularly admired, does one find a com- parable intelligence and similar intellectual honesty.His chronic physical ill health was paralleled by his constantly surpris- ing moral strength.

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