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Because 2FA, uses two authentication sources, as the name suggest, you will also need to add a secondary authentication method, this time I have used a server group called VIP (using Symantec's VIP service).If you are using Symantec or any 3rd party 2FA provider, such as through MS Azure, then you can decide to point your secondary AAA server to either an on premise 2FA gateway or a cloud thingy.As you might imagine, failing to receive three keepalives in a row will make the hold-down timer reach 180 seconds what will mean the neighbor is considered down and routes from this neighbor are flushed.To verify current timers negotiated to a neighbor, issue the “show ip bgp neighbor” command, example below. X timers keepalive holddown [minimum holddown]” Example below sets the keepalive to 20 seconds and holddown to 60 seconds on R1.

ESP uses IP as its Layer 3 protocol and puts itself at layer 4.

Little post on IPSEC, also a good recap for myself.

I will outline the components used in IPSEC when setting up a site to site VPN for instance.

This makes it easier to make changes that do not impact other connection profiles using the same default values.

Assign this group policy to the connection profile in the step above.

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