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Like Tricia, I too remit payroll with direct deposit and I do all my taxes on line, it has never been easier.And remember "the computer and the software is only as good as its user".One poster said they created a To Do Note in QB to enter all the payroll tax rates and limits they needed to do payroll and opened that when doing the payroll to make it easier to remember the rates. Manually calculating payroll KB ID#: 128909 Categories: Payroll Question: How do I manually calculate my payroll?

The employees I pay are mostly on salary, so the withholding doesn't change by paycheck.

They are extremely accurate, they take care of all the taxes and even deposit the money directly into my employees' accounts with the push of a button.

The cost of the service is minimal compared to the time it has freed me up to get additional work done.

Manual updates are fine because they happen so seldom and I need such small parts of the table. All I really need is to remember the withholding I used last and calculate the stuff that's based on percentages. QB keeps asking for the credit card info when I try to set up another company with the already downloaded tax table.

One method I used to enter federal and state tax amounts (that didn't change from one paycheck to another) was to fill in the "extra withholding amount" box with the unchanging amount of tax.

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