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special birthday shoutout to JAMES VIRAG at SANTOS!!! *my FRIDAY night checklist always includes earplugs. *CHAMPY BOTTLES makes us act a fool…like rap videos circa ’99. *earlier i had a meeting *Q TIP taking over the drums of RICH HIL’s band, ELECTRIC LIMO LAND. ain’t nothing cute about waking up and having your ears ring. Every Thursday is what we call “House Party” with 4 massive floors of partying.My party Can you believe it’s been a whole year since 1992 the Party has been at Webster Hall’s House Party?! Every week you have Just Blaze, Vashtie and DJ Huggy Bear Last week we rocked our Webster Hall Thursday residency!The 33-year-old famed video director sat down with The Combat Jack Show for a candid interview about her life and many accomplishments, but she also touched on her past relationship with Pharrell.

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His focus on his music and taking it to the next level is what impacted her the most.

Posted in BLOG, FEATURED, MUSIC, Vashtie Tagged with: A-Trak, Adesuwa Aighewi, boom bap, chuck d, daddy yankee, fav five freddy, grandmaster flash, Kurtis Blow, lyor cohen, Nas, new york, new york boom bap, q tip, Quincy Jones, ralph mcdaniels, vashtie, youtube The Grammys announced their 2018 nominees on Monday (November 28), and was met with both cheers and jeers. Covered up or not, don’t ever take us for granted.” – Mona Haydar, “Hijabi” Over the weekend, an interesting video popped up on the internet that When A Tribe Called Quest first stepped on the scene in the 80’s, they were the weird, cool kids who somehow knew how to mend hip-hop and jazz together on another level. JANET feat Q TIP x sample by JONI MITCHELL x directed by MARK ROMANEK x inspired by the photographs of post-apartheid AFRICA by MALIK SIDIBE. the crowd has been looking close to normal, which for us means – the most eclectic bunch of people!

The most notable thing about the nominations this year, may be the fact that there is no white male artists nominated for Posted in BLOG, MUSIC Tagged with: 6lack, a tribe called quest, Actq, Adele, beyonce, bob marley, bruno mars, cardi b, Childish Gambino, daddy yankee, Despacito, Diversity, drake, frank ocean, Grammy nominations, Grammy nominees, GRAMMYs, j. They took part in creating a lane of soulful “Scenario” is the third single from A Tribe Called Quest’s second album The Low End Theory. Recorded in 1991, released in 1992, featuring not only A Tribe Called Quest (RIP Phife Dawg), but also; Leaders of the New Vashtie and DJ Huggy Bear Last week we rocked our Webster Hall Thursday residency! i’ve never been the type to feel comfortable in the pre-party happened at PATRICKS sick loft in soho.

She also directed videos for Solange, Kendrick Lamar, Jadakiss and Justin Bieber.

Their union seemed like a match made in heaven since she has a love for art and all things creative, just like P, but that wasn’t enough to keep them together in the limelight.

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