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Those who are established and do not have to pay exorbitant rents and/or extract them from others and spend them in their hobbies, are the ones who have a high quality of life.I attended a city meeting recently where the main concern was a bird sanctuary by the waterfront.In the year 2006, I was paying 5/month utilities for my 1-bedroom, but my landlord has desperately tried to find any reason to kick us out because we live in a slowly feminized community where working professionals are starting to raise their families (funny how the feminists and social justice warriors complain of "overpopulation", but they marry and start families while the rest of us struggle to even survive on our own). The 905 region by Toronto is also causing Toronto to be clogged and burdened as they are now overpopulated and no jobs and action going on in their own 905 area code cities so they have to look for work in Toronto and drive into Toronto burdening the infrastructure and roads. Lack of culture: lots of different ethnicities, but it doesn't matter because Toronto does not have its own culture.

Take your sexist East Asian opinions and backwards culture and shove it up your pipe!

They love money and that is the only thing that makes contemporary male/female relationships stay together.

I literally almost worked myself to death for my last woman.

Female nudity is not sexual and it surely doesnt affect children.

If the teacher wants to express herself by taking off her clothes and baring it all at her workplace who are you to judge?

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    They are all hurt by men in the past lying to them and they are scared to give themselves blah blah blah. You've got to respect the fact that society expects us to make the first move and make it easy for us. It is totally up to him to use it, and follow through by asking her out afterwards-- if he wants to.