Policy and procedures importance of updating

If the policy also applies to volunteers, contract workers and consultants doing work on behalf of the company be sure to identify this.The scope should also identify exceptions to the policy.If there are consequences for not complying with the policy (e.g., disciplinary), be sure to mention this.For example, “Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary measure up to and including just cause for termination of your employment.” Definitions Clearly define any terms used within the policy.You also need to ensure managers have the skills and resources to be able to implement and monitor the policy.

Policy is the "what" and the procedure is the "how to". Procedures are written as instructions, in logical steps.

Identify and connect with comparable organizations that have developed a similar policy and could serve as benchmarks for best practice.

Some parties may have a role at this stage when the content is being drafted; other parties might be better placed as reviewers after the content has been developed.

Review Date Indicate the date the policy is due to be reviewed.

Approval Indicate who approved the policy and the date of approval (e.g., the board, the human resources policy committee, the executive director).

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