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The ENLF soon moved to Yemen and began training members of the Oromo diaspora.The first attempt to enter the country failed when Somali security forces tracked down the members and arrested them trying to enter Ethiopia through northern Somalia.The second attempt proved to be more successful and the second group of rebels made camp in the Chercher Mountains.At this point, the group decided to operate under the name of "Oromo" instead of "Ethiopia.and elected a new 41-member central committee along with a five-member Supreme Politico Military Command which comprised Lencho Letta, Muhee Abdo, Baro Tumsa, Magarsaa Barii and Gadaa Gamada.With its structure firmly in place, the OLF began an effective campaign to educate students and the general populace about Oromo nationalism.Oromo students and intellectuals in urban areas joined OLA camps by the hundreds in order to offer leadership and educational training.The first battles occurred in the rural areas around Dire Dawa such as Gara Mul'ata.

On September 6, 1974, the first Oromo Liberation Army was obliterated by mortar fire in the Battle of Tiro in which they lost both Ahmad Taqi and Elemo Qiltu; only three OLA soldiers survived.They organized a secret conference which was attended by Hussein Sora, Elemo Qiltu and various other Oromo leaders.It was during this conference that the Oromo Liberation Front was officially formed and its first political program was first written out.The conference is now known as the Founding Congress and it marked the beginning of modern Oromo nationalism.Another front was opened by a by a newly formed Oromo Liberation Army that was initiated in eastern Oromia by farmers.The military government increased its viciousness against the OLF by burning entire villages, massacring student activists and through mass arrests.The military government was on the verge of collapse as three rebel groups were obliterating its rule of the country.The OLA controlled vast areas of land in southern, western and eastern Oromia and offices and military bases were set up in major cities such as Jijiga, Assosa, Dembidollo and Mendi.It was also in that decade that the organization and the movement lost many prominent figures such as Muhee Abdo, Saartu Yousef, Kebede Demissie, Baro Tumsa, Juuki Barentoo and hundreds more.General Tadesse Birru, who had escaped from prison, continued an armed struggle in the Shewa region of the Oromo nation along with Hailu Regassa.They were eventually captured and executed in 1976 but his OLA contingent continued fighting and gained an influx of recruits after the executions.

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