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After camp my mother took me to his jewelry store on the Main Street in Kerrville, much smaller than his beautiful site in the hills.

As my daughters attended Waldemar in the 1980’s we continued to enjoy all those great charms. I would like to tell a story about a LOVE, Hope and Faith ring.

I know that she was looking out for me, and that she and the Lord were keeping me together.

I wear something from James Avery every single day of my life.

God bless you James Avery and may you rest peacefully in the heavens above.

My first knowledge of James Avery was back in the 1950’s as I had the honor of wearing a James Avery tribal silver bracelet at Waldemar.

Although James Avery, the man, is no longer with us, and will be unable to personally touch her life as he did mine, his creativity, passion, talent, and spirit remain.

My dad, Dick, Was a Carpender so he asked dad if he be interested in doing a few jobs for him. Mom kept the books and Dad helped James with his projects. But even before her time there, James Avery Jewelry has been a part of my life from the very beginning. My mom had jewlery from the 70s when the only place you could buy the pieces was in a small church shop in Arlington TX.Apparently some of the group missed the labels and threw aluminum cans in the trash bin. Avery was this elegantly dressed, iconic man picking out the cans to place them in the recycle bin. Your creativity provided the classic and lifelong memento for our biggest accomplishments and our unique personalities.That has always stuck with me, this man was a true example of selflessness. Thank you for making us smile for and cherish our memories.The symbolism it represents for me and my family are a way I can keep in touch with my Faith and share it with others. Avery & his designs helped create heirlooms for my myself, my sister & Mother through his charm bracelets.Some marking important milestones, others funny family stories, tributes to family pets, others honoring and celebrating religion or just being a proud Texan. I'd like to send my condolences to the Avery family.It was dark and after a short search I gave up and vowed to come back the next morning. A few days later the home owner called me and said, I have your is smashed flat. The next time I was in Hill country I took it to the Kerrville store and asked if they could fix it. A few years later I lost it in Fredricksburgh on a trip to see my parents in Boerne.They said yes, of course, but we can also replace it. Even the Fredricksburgh police helped us to look for it.Thank you for letting us express ourselves through charms and fine jewelry. To this day I carry that craftsmanship everywhere I go.James Avery definitely left a mark on my life and many others. The craftsmanship is superb and eloquent and I appreciate everything that Mr. It helps me to stay grounded and remember the simple things in life that mean the most. Avery was amazing, generous, brilliant, humble, and wonderfully candid fellow. I remember during one of our Manager’s Conferences there were recycle bins and trash bins readily labeled. Avery, for being a part of my family’s most inspirational milestones – from communion, to motherhood, to sisterhood.Many years ago my mom and dad retired and moved to Kerrville.While eating dinner at the Motel in town my mom met James.

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