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But even worse is that she had nothing but the vilest of things to say about Dellacqua and her children with partner Amanda Judd in an open letter to a national newspaper.A recent cherry-on-the-cake is her assertion that transgenderism is the work of the devil, and that while she was on tour the big ole lezzies would lure the younger girls to their parties to seduce them and turn them into lesbians—and this is still happening, she says: the gays "are coming after our young ones."There was talk of trying to get the name of the Margaret Court Arena changed, but Tennis Australia are mum on the issue and probably waiting to see how much of a reaction from players and fans the question will generate before making any moves.Quick..a Top Ten golfer on the LPGA Tour.r15 She doesn't have a boyfriend though, and she never presented a boyfriend to the media before, if she is lesbian, she isn't very closeted, and an important reason why she didn't do well after her Grand Slam wins is that she doesn't have a boyfriend and isn't very closeted, difficult to market. What has her not having a boyfriend to do with her not doing well?I mean, I sort of get the marketing thing (even though I also wouldn't say it has to do with her not having a bf - she's simply not very good at the whole thing, is very awkward, doesn't have much of a personality etc).Another interesting fact re de Minaur, r74—according to the ATP he was born in Sydney, but resides in Alicante, Spain.Most Oz players who are “stationed” abroad tend to be in the States (usually Florida, though Rafter opted for Bermuda, IIRC). R78From an article about published last year:"The son of a Spanish mother and Uruguayan father, De Minaur was born in Sydney but moved to Spain at five.A lot of people would've liked to have seen him punched in the face. I skipped the match since I didn't want to see either of them win.R37 has been living under a rock, apparently—it's not just about gay marriage, r37.

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As dire as we suspect, or as exciting and compelling as Ben and Courtney keep saying it is? I've said it before, but the WTA seems to be trending the way of the LPGA, with players that have technical strengths, but are utterly lacking in any personality.

Sadly, too, there's the chance that some of these very favorites, unless in main draw doubles (like Groth), could be sent packing by our mid-week if they lose early.

So often as I follow the ATP minor leagues and the Grand Slam qualies, so many players I've never heard of, or at least next to never, can surprise our "name" qualie stars, so it's no given that Popsicle or Rubin or Mmoh (HOT!

Court has become the spokesperson for the most virulent of antigay positions in Australia.

She is boycotting Qantas because the CEO took a pro-yes stance on the recent postal-vote on marriage equality, and is now threatening to leave the conservative Liberal party because it didn't stand behind Tony Abbott and his repressive view of homosexuality (and "religious liberty", which is alt-right shorthand for "licence to discriminate", and conversion therapy).

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