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For those who do not plan to become professional musicians, the school's approach to learning music will enhance musical appreciation, build or enhance new skills and reduce work-related stress.Very young students will have the opportunity not only to gain a deep knowledge and appreciation of music, but also to enhance their self-esteem and build their character.The program for teens and adults also includes the elements of pop music notation and chord charts. The curriculum includes music notation with explanation of Italian music terms, acoustics, and musical elements: melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo, articulation, timbre, dynamics, texture, and form.

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FAMILY FUN – a program dedicated to parents and students.

Any donation given to the New York Conservatory of Music is tax deductible.

We happily take any form of donation and use it to improve upon NYCM’s music community.

COMPOSITION – this program is for students pursuing composition degrees.

Classes will include multimedia presentations relating to modern composition techniques and the creative use of counterpoint and harmony in modern music.

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