Muslim rules for dating

B Answer: If it is not in the category of Ghina and it is not stimulating, then it is not a problem.L 190 – Rule: It is not a problem for women to recite Qur’an in front of non-Mahram men, even if it is in a pleasing voice, with the condition that it is not arousing nor does it cause corruption.185 – Rule: When a woman is speaking to a man, she must not make her voice pleasing and soft, such that if the person with whom she is talking to has a sickness in his heart, he will become attracted to her, even if she is talking to him about a general matter.AGKLMS 186 – Question: Is a woman allowed to speak to a non-Mahram man who wants to talk with her in a lustful manner?must be extra cautious (when dealing with non-Mahram men).

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B 189 – Question: What is the ruling on listening to poems (read) with emotion and feeling that the radio stations of the Islamic Republic of Iran broadcast?B Answer: As long as there is no intention of lust or corruption involved, then women singing in a chorus and non-Mahram men listening to them, is not a problem.L 188 – Question: Is it allowed for a man to listen to a woman singing alone, if it does not lead to (sexual) excitement? L Answer: If it leads to corruption, then it is not allowed.182 – Rule: Women are permitted to speak to non-Mahram men if the following conditions are met: The speaking is not done with the intention of lust and seeking (sexual) pleasure.The woman does not make her voice soft and attractive. GKLMS 183 – Rule: It is Makruh for women to speak to men if it is not necessary.GKLM 178 – Rule: If a man knows that by speaking to a non-Mahram woman he will fall into sin other than that of a sexual nature, then it is not allowed for him to speak to her.BGKLMS Therefore: If a man knows that by talking to a non-Mahram woman, he will be compelled to lie, backbite, or put a false accusation on somebody - whether she makes him fall into sin, or he himself by means of talking to her falls into a sin, then it is not allowed to talk to her.The speaking does not lead either one of them to commit a sin.BGKLMS 173 – Rule: It is Makruh to speak to non-Mahram women, unless it is in the case of a necessity, especially if the one being spoken to is a young woman.179 – Question: If one fears that by talking to a certain non-Mahram woman he will fall into sin, then is it allowed for him to talk to her? G 180 – Question: What is the ruling for a man to talk in such a way in that he imitates a woman’s voice, or vice versa?Answer: It is not a problem if: it is not the voice of a specific woman whom he knows and this causes her degradation or dishonor; and this action of imitation does not stimulate him and it is not something vain and futile, and the same applies the other way around (a woman imitating the voice of a man).

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