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An expected orgy that left us all wet & sticky and deeply satisfied. Between the drinks, a spa tub and a really nice large room we did about everything imaginable. so much cock and pussy sucking...reminds me of the time my old gf and i met another hot couple, all four of us on their big bed.he and i 69'd, and she and her were right next to us, 69ing!I wait a few, then step into the other booth, only to find the door doesn't lock, but it does stay closed.I peer through and see him with his jeans down stroking a pretty thick looking 7" cock. I'm bent over naked looking through a GH as this thin mid 20's latino is looking at me.I was working him over for 5-10 min when he stopped me and pointed to the GH. The cock got really hard and seemed like it was gona cum pretty quick, so I slowed down, sicked it up good with spit, then stood up and backed up onto it. I impaled myself all the way down till my ass was pressed against the wall.Baldie was tweaking one of his nipples and jerking as he watched.After a few mins latino leans down and asks, can I cum in you? He gives me a smile and a nod as he sakes his cock and stuffs it back into his jeans and leaves.I look back through the GH but see bald guy is opening his door and leaving. He moves around me, drops his pants, unbuttons his shirt and sits on the bench with his hard cock pointing up.

Last night I get home from a holiday party, crawl into bed and watch some TV while poking around online.

He paused a couple times cus he was too close, then laid on my back as I held his weight up as he wrapped his arms around my chest, and he whispered oh fuck, then jabbed his cock quickly inside me as he came.

I slowly lowered myself till I was laying down and he was resting on top of me. It felt good having his little 5'6" body laying on top of me for a bit.

Then he got up and pulled is cloths back on, and we chatted about stuff, and he headed out.

I crawled back into bed and surfed around a bit while watching TV, and came across some info about a bookstore in the area that now has a GH. I'm already under the covers in bed and its 11pm on a Tue night. I fling back the covers and next thing I know I'm pulling on some track pants and a zip up hoodie, and heading to the bookstore.

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