Martial art dating

Originally posted by Anonanon Just wanted to hear some people's thoughts about and perhaps experiences with instructors, including chief instructors, who date their students. I waited till her progress prevented her from being one of my students again to ask her out. Never get my "dates" and my paycheck in the same place. Regards, Hello, Hmmm, well just like Greg I've seen dating of this nature work out and not work out. About a year after we started dating, I started my "assistant instructor" duties.

When my dad sent me off to my first job he told me to: 1. Things have worked out well for us, we dated for about three years and were married last fall.

If the sensei wants to risk dojo harmony then they pretty much get to do that, assuming they own the dojo.

If you don't like it, vote with your feet and go somewhere else, which, is a suggestion I would endorse.

One of them soon realizes that Aikido is not their thing, and decides to quit. I've also met people who have come to the dojo in order to meet someone.

After I left, I found out he had gotten another student pregnant before, and that several other students had quit because they felt this person was coming on to them.

Obviously, this has a negative effect on those students.

We are talking about a 4th dan getting involved with or making passes at several 5th and 6th kyu students.

He has no women students above that rank because they all leave.

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