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Just make sure to double check that nobody else (read: kids, police) is around first.Rivas has many small beaches or in the process of being developed, such as Astillero beach, Las Salinas beach, Rancho Santana, Playa Escondida, Playa los Perros, Pie del Gigante beach, Brito beach, Ocotal beach, Los Playones, Nacascolo, El Remanso beach, El Yankee, Escameca, El Coco beach, Anima, El Ostional beach and Naranjo beach.A few people may go topless, but even showing that much skin is rare—and frowned upon, especially at family-friendly swimming holes.Although, the Journey's End Resort on Ambergris Caye has hosted Nude Week festivities in the past.Like every other Central America country, Honduras is quite conservative, and nude beaches are hard to come by.So it comes as no surprise that Paya Bay Resort on Roatan Island is getting a lot of attention for its naturist-friendly policy.However, many of the island's other beaches are of the relaxed sort, meaning partial or full nudity is not uncommon.

Before you go to a nude beach, make sure to lather up in sunscreen — especially in those areas that may not get much sun.

The beach has rocky areas from where you can enjoy the sun, but there are also sandy parts perfect for swimming.

Accommodations include Hotel Palmas del Mar and Hotel and Restaurant Suleyka.

Despite its popularity it is also considered as one of the cleanest beaches in the country.

This beach, located a half an hour from Diriamba, has its own tourist center with several restaurants, hotels, and bars.

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