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Yours in nappies,‘Mummy’(From Madame)Contributed by Saffron Dear Miss Candida, I was very pleased to see in your excellent magazine how many wives are bringing their men under proper control and how quite a few have found the merits of petticoating. Men will endure anything rather than be exposed to the derision of women. My husband has many times implored me to give him the cane rather than face the ordeal of my girl friends.But I really enjoy watching a petticoated male cringing under the ridicule of laughter of women.I have never been addicted to the cane although I do use it when quick, sharp discipline is called for.I prefer more subtle means and decided to use humiliation.

Whatever indignities or service are imposed, he finds it impossible to face the alternatives of separation, and accepts his humble position.Dear Miss Candida, I have always been Interested in the idea of 'petticoat dominating' the male sex ever since, as a young girl, I visited the home of one of my friends and saw her 16-year-old brother dressed up in a little-girl frock and frilly petticoats and knickers, which was his mother’s way of controlling him and keeping him in order within the home. He was really quite a nice-looking lad but dolled up like this, with all those lacy frills showing under his frock and his long legs bare, except for a tiny pair of white silk ankle-socks, he looked so ridiculous that I giggled with laughter at him, which of course made him blush even more, and literally squirm with embarrassment.Even though he was used to his mother and sister seeing him like this, it must have been an awful experience for him to have another girl of his own age teasing him and laughing at him, and when I christened him “Priscilla” and kept talking to him as though he were just a little baby girl, he was so ashamed that in the end he actually started blubbing.Look around for the shy ones who never push themselves forward."Mother" him a bit and make him feel wanted and secure, and utterly dependent on you.Quite often, to add still further to his humiliation, some of my women friends are present and to be bathed like this in front of them, and then to have to suffer the awful indignity of being diapered and put into baby clothes to the accompaniment of their joking comments and merciless teasing never fails to reduce him to tears.He wears nappies and baby dress not only every evening but throughout the weekend.He is soon reduced to a spineless jelly, ready to obey my every wish.I am sure there must be many ladies amongst your readers who would welcome some guidance in finding and training a submissive.I arranged a coffee morning and invited several of my girlfriends, My husband wore his usual black dress with white lace collar, to which I added a particularly frilly apron.I was careful to leave his head and face normal so that he was obviously a petticoated male and looked even more ridiculous.

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