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In a suit against Di Caprio and Maguire, ) influence to dissuade Miramax from distributing the film and Sundance Film Festival from screening it.“Maguire and his manager had determined that, in the Film, Maguire did not come off as strong a ‘leading man’ as Di Caprio and that some of the improvisational comments Maguire had made during the Film revealed personal experiences or tendencies that would undermine the public image he and his manager were trying to project,” Stutman’s lawsuit read.When 12-year-old Di Caprio saw Maguire shooting in L. He beat out fellow Posse member Lukas Haas for roles in in 1996: “We’re both very lucky. And then, he got stuff has caused this big identity crisis,” the anonymous actor told Sales. All they do now is hang out with Leo.”Not that that was ever a bad way to live.Di Caprio had his friends through the doors of clubs that Mariah Carey had to wait in line for; Posse members got to fly to Australia when Di Caprio was shooting ; they had an endless amount of women, both famous and not, lining up to be with them.

Wilson’s attorney claimed that Wilson was defending herself after Di Caprio took a swing at her for calling Di Caprio and the Posse “a bunch of fags.”)There are things to like and admire about the Pussy Posse.The camaraderie is relatable, and representative of male friendship in general.It’s almost sweet the way the Posse members have leaned on each other, especially the way Di Caprio has relied on his friends to protect him and used them as some sort of mobile feeling of home.But could something this male-centric, this exclusively XY (actress Sara Gilbert has been called an “adjunct member,” but she strikes me as someone the Posse has deemed cool enough and homely enough, and, you know, gay enough, for them to hang out with Platonically) not have an underbelly?The Pussy Posse were the coolest guys in the club—the ones having the most fun—but they were also assholes, fucking hooligans; guys who liked to steal other guys’ girlfriends, be obnoxiously aggressive for the fun of it, and see women as second-class playthings.Nights out would include sneaking into Victoria’s Secret events in New York City, impromptu trips to Vegas, setting off stink bombs at Sky Bar, and always, chasing girls.“They’re all about seeing the girls,” a photographer told Sales. You’re…that guy.’ But I just made him my pal.” From there, Di Caprio and Maguire befriended other actors in their peer group—Connolly, Haas, Jay R.In the mid-’90s, a group of young actors kept bumping into each other at auditions.Leonardo Di Caprio, fresh off small roles on , would run into Tobey Maguire, Lukas Haas, and Kevin Connolly.After meeting him through auditions, Di Caprio was drawn to Maguire because of their shared experiences—both were raised in Los Angeles by single mothers. “I really like to have sweet people around me,” Di Caprio told magazine in 1996. There’s too many of them, especially at my age in L. and..have to peel away so many layers of those people.” The Pussy Posse was formed, yes, to chase pussy, but at least for Di Caprio, it also existed to protect him.“When I want someone to be my friend, I just make them my friend,” Di Caprio told in 2014. Because whether or not he’s ever acknowledged it, the clear center of the group is Di Caprio, a fact that has either always been true or became true. He landed juicy roles working alongside Robert de Niro and Meryl Streep while the other guys remained mostly in the dark.

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