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Jude 1:3 commands believers to, earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.May I say, you can tell a false prophet by what he doesn't say!Today's sissy-britches preachers don't take a stand for hardly anything, so they don't offend anybody, and they all have big bank accounts!!!Jesus plainly warned that NO MAN can serve God and mammon (money, wealth).I am a born-again Christian and love the Lord Jesus Christ.

As has already been said, yes we have our theological differences, but I think its commendable that we find a common cause in trying to create a good moral soil in this culture and in this time. Zacharias is typical of the ecumenical mumbo-jumbo that has poisoned our churches today, which is intended to unite mainstream religious denominations (believers with unbelievers alike) in a common cause.Instead of preaching the truth to the Mormons as he should have, he dipped his sails in shallow compromise. God is not the heavenly Father of the Mormons, because they are NOT God's children.If you're not a born-again child of God, then you are not a part of God's kingdom.Here is Ravi speaking to Mormons (or LDS, Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ). He tells Mormons about the cross, but they already believe that too! Zacharias bids Mormons God speed, just as Billy Graham bids Roman Catholics God speed!!!Ravi fails to place any pressure on Mormons to repent of their evil dead works and doctrines of devils. Shame on any professed man of God who refrains from preaching the truth! Zacharias is doing is rubbing shoulders with religious unbelievers, encouraging them on their path to eternal damnation! Zacharias comforts Mormons in their wicked unbelief.There is no wisdom nor honor in beating-around-the-bush, trimming one's sermon, avoiding hot topics and pandering to the audience.Certainly this does not exemplify the Lord Jesus Christ.Ravi is as shallow as can be, which is why false religions gladly invite him to speak for them.I wouldn't give you a dime for any pastor or evangelist who avoids the subject of Hell. I've never heard a minister say so much without saying NOTHING! At the end, all the Mormons burst forth in loud applause for Ravi. When a satanic cult applauds a preacher, something is VERY wrong!Paul would have pleaded with the Mormons to leave while they still can and run for their life!!!Telling THE TRUTH offends people and makes enemies.

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