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And that's where my concern meter is starting to spike.

I've used POF extensively in South Florida and in my previous city, Nashville, and totally cleaned house in both towns.

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Long story short, I'm getting the hell out of South Florida and need a new spot. I absolutely have to move by April 14th (condo is selling) so it's go-time as far as deciding where I'm going to land.

They don't know what it's like to move to a new city, so they won't relate. Mid 30's is not a prime age for single women in KC.I'm talking within 24 hours of setting up a new profile having tons of options, women messaging me their number, dates lined up for the weekend, the whole deal. I mean I'm out here just totally getting crushed on these POF streets in Kansas City.Messages go unanswered, the women who do respond give one or two word answers and seem totally disinterested, and NO ONE, save for one or two women with no profile pics (never a good sign), is emailing me first.It's not going to have the dating scene of Austin or Miami but its still a metro of 2 million so like I said if you can't find anyone to date its likely a you problem.I'd lived in Phoenix, Houston and St Louis after college and think Phoenix would be the only clearly better singles scene. I don't know about POF, but if your age bracket is 28-36 on Match you'll do well.My other big concern, being a single straight male in my mid-30s, is the dating market.I know in general the East Coast favors single men, the West Coast favors single women and the middle of the country is 50/50.When I was single, I went to Seattle and was shocked at the number of single women in my age group.In KC, you are either robbing the cradle or looking to date someone with an AARP card.In Kansas City, it's more traditional in belief systems and more Bible-based. I think Weaubleau's explanation above is pretty accurate having lived in both cities. I'm aware that few places aside from NYC, SF, LA and maybe a couple others can match Florida in the sheer number of people who remain single into their 30s and beyond.In fact, I was born in Seattle and raised in Edmonds, 15 miles north. What none of this explains, though, is the fact that I have reached out to several dozen KC women who *are* single -- that's why they are on POF -- and have gotten a frigid response.

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