Joomla 1 7 templates dating

When thinking of a domain name for your online resource, remember it must be concise and simple.Also, make it recognizable and informative since it influences SEO and serves branding purposes. All images used in our templates were downloaded from open source websites: hu.

All modules and additional extentions are bundled together and can be installed in a couple of clicks There are two custom page types added to the framework: Gallery View and Category Blog.

Most of these host companies also provide a nice marketing bonus (Google, Yahoo and MSN certificates for Pay-per-Click traffic), the control panel for your website, the ability to host multiple websites on one account, My SQL databases, emails, antivirus protection and much more!

Flash CMS templates are professional websites with a user-friendly control panel powered by Moto CMS. I needed a design that was easy, quick and professional.

Joomla templates are basically ready-made designs for websites running on Joomla CMS.

A Joomla template package contains files and code and graphics and modules that determine the look and the functionality of the website after you’ve installed the theme and populated it with your content.

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