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Boyle decides to return home until he is better and takes the dogs in to keep him company.

Jake plans the "worst date ever" for Amy after pulling a last minute victory over her to settle their bet, but when they are called to a stakeout during their date, he reevaluates his relationship with her.

Meanwhile, Holt and Gina help Terry regain his rights to carry a gun.

On Halloween night, a busy time of the year for any precinct, Amy, who hates the holiday, is not happy that she has to wear a costume to go undercover on the street with Charles.

With the team stuck at the precinct, Charles judges a pie contest between Gina and Rosa.

Jake spends a day with a former crime-reporter (Stacy Keach) whom he respects, but finds out that remarks about the precinct were considered on the record.

Holt tries to save face with Terry's wife regarding Terry going back in the field only to have his foot in his mouth.

In the meantime, the sketch artist is out sick when Amy takes on a purse-snatching case, but she discovers that Jeffords has hidden artistic talents. A detective from Special Crimes known as "The Vulture" (Dean Winters) takes over a murder case that Jake is close to solving and steals his thunder, so Jake enlists the precinct to get revenge and find the murder weapon before "The Vulture" does.

Terry and Charles work with Rosa to help her appearance on the witness stand.

Jake tries to catch an arsonist who destroyed his favorite pizzeria while feuding with the stubborn Fire Marshall Boone (Patton Oswalt).

Meanwhile, Captain Holt orders Santiago and Diaz to research about a theft Gina suffered at her home. There, Jake is upset to discover Amy might leave to join the major crimes division.

Meanwhile, Holt and Terry conduct experiments to reduce inefficiencies in the precinct in order to reach their Comp Stat deadline.

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