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Got caught up in doing the background, forgot to leave room for the speech balloon, oof. She is phenomenal, and I am so glad I jumped on her commissions when I did. It was an ocean planet covered with a few noticeable islands I apologize for the long wait of uploading anything. ] Commissioned by: dodoman_1er Little Miss Brie does not trust believe in making friends with cats.

:/ #9 Mina Those captain trials can be a real pain in the butt to figure out and you can bet there’s some trial and error in their conceptions. Spending half a year writing paper for subject you don't want to write makes you want to stop writing. Mino doesn't seem too perturbed by Little Miss Brie's mistrust in him. You should totally check out my senpai's patreon and pledge to him!

Spending an entire evening with your friends playing games and just having fun.

And to close the night off, everyone puts on the jammies and goes to bed.

Was sick today, so did some drawings of characters I'd been meaning to draw for a while now.

Well originally this series was made to help give my patreon attention and it seemed like it worked until it turned out almost all my backers were just bots.*7 pages including cover; nudity, vore, implied digestion* Now available for individual purchase or immediate download for members! ] A crash course in Genie biology: They prey on humans, usually their masters, but once they've processed the physical body, they still need a meal for when they're in their lamps (like a bear hibernating). The Ghost crew was in bad shape after their mission to save Kanan and needed to rest before officially joining up with the Phoenix cell.Thus, the soul remains digesting in their stomach indefinitely, until such time as someone else rubs the lamp. Ten thousand years in her cave of wonders out to chill you out! The planet that they chose to rest on hadn't been mapped by the Empire so there was no fear of being discovered as it was in the Wild Space regions of their galaxy.If you have some sort of communication to her besides DA and Eka’s... ] Owner: Shadie A request from theswaggah, featuring four of their characters.can you please help me out and get her to contact me? Just chillin out maxin', relaxin' all cool, after havin' a snack of unfortunate fools. Sloshing to the Beat This story contains: Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Cock Vore, Unbirth, Willing Prey, Willing Pred and Unwilling Pred. ------------------------------------ So your probably wondering "Why did this take so long to update" or something.Sleeping Child Prey Child Pred Multiple Prey Underage Prey Mass Vore Female Pred Original Character Underage Pred f/multiple Digestion Noises loli pred Sleeping pred Laying on belly Casual vore Laura kramer Just like all other girls, Laura love herself a good sleepover.I'm currently enjoying a few morsels who wanted to become a part of my lovely body~ I got this piece as a gift from my very good friend, Bubba Ghost!https://aryion.com/g4/user/Bubba Ghost (Takes place in the Gutter-Verse) Drawn by the amazing Averyhillpeak!dang it Though I also heard in DA her notes gets spammed or filled by trolls so...there’s also a chance my note might be lost and flooded within the ocean of notes...

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