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Later on, Alison married David Simon on 23rd November 2001 and also her ex-husband, Howard Stern also got married.

Alison’s eldest daughter Emily is known to have turned to Orthodox Judaism.

When Howard Stern and wife Alison separated last October, the front door had barely closed behind him when he told the 10 million people in his national radio audience where they could expect this new drama to go from here.

"All broads please call," he said as opened his show on Monday, Oct. Forget guest-hosting "Rosie," "Regis and Kathie Lee" or "The View.

"I'm going through a tough situation," he said yesterday. ' "So when you get to the point he seems to have reached with Angie Everhart, it's very complex. But in Howard's case, he's got to go on the radio and talk about it every day. " Stern has called the separation "the worst thing I can imagine anyone having to go through. You will instantly become famous, or more famous, by association. Not smart like he knows all about quantum physics; smart like someone who keeps up with what's happening in the world and is a quick study on how a lot of it fits together.

" But while he often used to be graphic about his sex life with Alison, he has said very little about the details of the separation, calling it "a marital problem. If Henry Kissinger is right and power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, there is no greater power today than being a media star.

Her own profession makes her famous though she was also popularly known for being the wife of another successful radio host.After Howard and Everhart did their wet kiss, longtime sidekick Quivers said she wasn't sure how to react, because she'd known Stern for 20 years and only ever seen him behave like that with one woman. "The first time he goes on a date, the whole world will be there to watch," says Hayden. But eventually he's just going to have to say, 'Screw it,' and go out anyway, and then let the story grow old. Whether Howard Stern would be a good catch as a date depends largely on what a woman is looking for. Some women, for instance, are not looking to have their love lives described in graphic detail the next morning for the vicarious pleasure of 10 million radio listeners. We talked with some psychologists about Howard Stern as a date, and while they stressed they know him only from the radio, here are some of their thoughts. Babe roundups are not uncommon in showbiz - it was one of the duties of Elvis' Memphis Mafia - but Stern has so far declined to sign off on it. Last Thursday he talked with comedian David Brenner about meeting women, and Brenner said calling attractive women's agents used to work for him. When Robin Givens guested on the show last month, she indicated she was open to a date. The Howard Stern Dating Game, in other words, is not looking like a sprint. And purely as a radio strategy, that's looking brilliant. 25 show, Stern remarked at one point, "If anything good comes out of [the separation], it'll be a highly rated show. Therefore, not to sound callous, anything that helps maintain dramatic tension may help keep ratings high, and that's good for everyone - including Stern, whose contract expires in November and who has already cranked up his familiar refrain that he isn't sure he wants to do radio anymore. " "He and Alison are human beings, and I totally believe the breakup devastated him," says Chaunce Hayden, a sometime caller to Stern's show and host of a talk show on the Internet radio network e Yada. Because Howard assesses everyone he meets on the radio, women assume he would be the same in person. On the other hand, Stern has also strongly suggested his hesitation about plunging into the dating world stems from his uncertainty about the relationship with Alison, to whom he has been married for 21 years and to whom he often said he expected to stay married for the rest of his life. "I think he was embarrassed and humiliated, after all the things he'd said about their relationship over the years and in 'Private Parts. You know how with most guys you need everything but a cattle prod to get them to tell you what they're really thinking? Her husband, Stern was seeking a Communications degree while she was serving for a degree in Social works there.The couple welcomed three children together named Emily Beth in the year1983, Debra Jennifer in the year 1986, and Ashley Jade in the year 1993.At present, Alison is living happily as well as joyfully with his husband David Simon and there has been no news of their having baby till now.Alison Berns has the height of 5 feet 6 inches but her body weight is not known yet.

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