House needs updating how to price

“Mobile traffic now accounts for about 53 per cent of overall traffic on My,” says David Dolan, IT operations manager at the property portal.“During the day desktop usage hits about 65 per cent but from 5.30pm onwards the balance tips more towards mobile sites and apps.

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For an additional fee front and back gardens can also be tidied. Steam clean grouting and floors or you could enlist the services of a professional cleaning company like Simply Clean Dublin. Kitchens and bathrooms may sell homes but bedrooms are often overlooked. John Lewis sells a really good range in 25 different colours.

This service should be free if you’re thinking of selling,” says Simon Ensor, chairman and auction director of Sherry Fitz Gerald.

“Ask each what you need to do to maximise the appeal and value of the property.” The mean average of the valuations given by a selection of agents is probably the most realistic asking price.

All this takes about three times longer than you think so take plenty of time to prepare and the following pointers should help along the way.

Sign up to property portals and receive digital alerts about houses for sale in your area.

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